Dollar Tree Cleaning Items

The Dollar Tree has so many items that you may never have thought to look for. That’s especially true when it comes to cleaning supplies. You can find so many of the things you need at a fraction of what you’d pay in other stores. Whether it’s microfiber cloths or rubber gloves, there are several cleaning supplies to buy at the Dollar Tree.

Microfiber Cloths

Why pay six-dollars or more for one microfiber cloth? You can find these cloths at the Dollar Tree in a variety of sizes and colors. You can even find bonus packs that come with two or more cloths. I recently picked up a five pack of these! Not only are these super affordable, but the fun colors make cleaning less of a chore for my kids. 

Cleaning Brushes

Whether you’re scrubbing your baseboards or shower walls, you can find the brushes you need at the Dollar Tree. Best of all, you can find name brand products. The Dollar Tree carries Brillo brand brushes that are great quality and come in a variety of styles.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are a must when cleaning. Instead of paying three-dollars or more per pair, purchase them at the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree often has excellent quality rubber gloves in cute styles. Buy several pairs so that you can keep cleaning gloves in each bathroom and in the kitchen. I have a cleaning caddy for each bathroom, which makes things so much easier. My rubber gloves go right in there. 

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are a must if you want to make your own cleaners- making them is cheaper and better for the environment. You can find these in two sections of the Dollar Tree. Smaller ones can be found in the beauty section and larger ones can be found in the cleaning section. Always check the handle to make sure the spring works before buying.

Cleaning Supply Caddies

A cleaning supply caddie makes it so easy to take your cleaning supplies with you around the home. I have one for each child stored in the kitchen, along with one in each bathroom. You can find these in a variety of colors. I color code everything for my children so it’s nice to color code the caddies too! 

Off-Brand Magic Erasers

The Dollar Tree has their own brand of the magic erasers which work just as well as the Mr. Clean version. These are perfect for taking care of tough areas. You can remove soap scum from the tub, shoe scuffs from the floor, and dirt from your baseboards. There are so many uses- seriously these things ARE magic!


Last, but not least, the Dollar Tree has so many name brand cleaners. You want to make sure to compare the price per ounce with other stores to make sure you’re getting the best price. With that said, the Dollar Tree also has their own cleaners that work really well. These can be hit or miss, but worth trying since they only cost a dollar. I personally did this for a season while I wasn’t making homemade cleaners, and was pleasantly surprised. 

Don’t spend a small fortune in other stores. You can find almost everything you need for cleaning your home at the Dollar Tree.  

Lastly, don’t forget the dollar tree is online and you can buy in bulk. I do this. There are many things that I like to buy in bulk from the Dollar Tree and keep stocked in my basement. Having a bulk supply keeps me from making unnecessary trips to the store, where I often buy more than what I went in for. Items I buy in bulk include, sketch pads, all natural soap (yes they have that), 3-pack cereal cups and more! Consider stocking up at before your next trip to Costco or Sam’s Club.

Organizing Products You Need To Buy From The Dollar Tree


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