I purchased an instruction cube online and I LOVE it. I bought mine at Oriental trade and found some great deals on amazon. I plan to buy at least two more. To tide me over until I have enough items on my wish list to purchase I have created my own DIY instruction cube. Let me give you a quick rundown of how you can make your own.

  • First you need the following items:
  • Empty square tissue box, save the top!
  • 1 roll of white contact paper
  • A piece of paper to create a template
  • Scotch tape


1.Create two templates by tracing your tissue box on a page of  paper-  trace a side and a top.

2.Cut our your templates.

3.Trace the templates onto the contact paper, you will need to trace the side template 4 times, and the top template twice. You will be creating 6 sides total for your cube.

*You might notice I cut out two test sides for my cube- I wasn’t positive contact paper would work for dry erase markers.

4. Carefully cut out the squares.

5. One at a time peel the backing off the peel and stick dry erase sticker and attach CAREFULLY to the side of the tissue box.

6. Tape them into place.

Viola! A homemade instruction cube.


How to Create a DIY Instruction Cube. This version is DRY ERASE! I can think of at least 6 ways I could use this off the top of my head. This is a total re-pin.


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