Email is a fantastic way to grow your business. For many smart business owners, growing their email list is their primary focus. It’s my number one way to drive traffic to my website and to make sales. Before any of that can happen, though, you need to build a relationship with your readers and earn that email address! I’m sure you’ve heard that readers have to know, like, and trust you before they consider spending money with you. That’s why it is so important to create engaging emails that start a conversation between you and your target audience.

increase your email engagement with these simple tips

I’m sure you’ve heard that readers have to know, like, and trust you before they consider spending money with you. That’s why it is so important to create engaging emails that start a conversation between you and your target audience. I always look at it as a huge privilege to have my readers email, and that should be your mindset too! 

Here are the top mistakes I see people making with their email lists.


You Maybe Guilt of These Rookie Mistakes:

Not Building Trust:

I’m sure you’re well aware that your readers have to know you and trust you before they would be willing to spend money on your product. That’s why it is so important to create relationships through emails. Start a conversation between you and list, send them free gifts, exclusive content, relate to them, even ask what you can do for them!  

Not Emailing Often Enough:

Start working on this from DAY ONE. It is going to help you build your business plus learn more about your customers. Keeping up engagement also helps with email open rates. I was just at a blog conference this weekend where I learned I needed to be sending emails much more frequently than I ever thought. It was suggested 16-30 emails a month! WOW. I can see the merits of that, though, you don’t want to be forgotten! 

Getting Caught In Spam:

SPAM FILTERS, I don’t have to tell you that spam filters are catching more and more emails. This is particularly true if you’re marketing a product or service in them. Add to that the Gmail promotions tab, and it’s a wonder anyone actually sees and reads your emails. You are also subject to the spam filter if you send from an email.


  • Words like Free, Freebie, Sale, Flash Sale, Promotion, Discount, etc.
  • To many images
  • Gmail Domain
  • Emails that don’t engage

How To Master Your Email List, Young Padawan!

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!

The key to better deliverability rates in the main inbox is to get your subscribers to hit reply and email you back. This starts a conversation and to the email provider, makes you a much more of a trustworthy contact. In other words, the chances of future emails landing in the main inbox are much higher if you can convince your readers to reply to one (or more) of your messages. You can use a “Call To Action” at the end of your emails to get this conversation started. Ask them a question, for their input on a product, I’ve even asked my list to tell me the grades of their children so I know what resources they need! Yes, always reply to your readers.

Welcome Emails:

Can you take a guess what your most read email message is? It’s the first one you send to your readers after they sign up and confirm their subscription. This email is often called the welcome email and you usually than your readers for signing up and deliver your lead magnet or opt-in freebie. Because it is the most opened email and the first message your readers see from you, it’s the perfect place to start engaging with your readers.

If you can get them to hit reply to this email, your chances of getting the rest of your messages into the person’s main inbox skyrocket. Making that happen is a lot easier than you may think. All you have to do is ask your readers a question. Seriously, that’s it. What you ask them depends on your market, your niche, and what you plan on emailing them about.

Keep it simple. Ask them to hit reply and ask a question or share a little something about themselves. Make sure it is relevant to what your emails and lead magnets are about. For example, if you’re building a list in the weight loss niche and are teaching them about eating low carb, you could ask them if they have any experience eating this way, share their favorite low carb food, or email you their biggest question or concern about this diet and lifestyle.

In addition to helping with email deliverability and subscriber engagement, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised how much you’ll learn about your future customers in these emails. Pay attention to them and learn from them.

My FAVORITE List Manager

Hands down Convert kit is an amazing email list manager. They have been amazing. I’ve been able to create beautiful landing pages without needing to spend extra on tools like Leadpages. I’ve also been able to use their autoresponder feature to create killer sales funnels. I’ve also been able to use that same feature to create free eCourse lead magnets, which convert VERY well!

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How to Rock Your Email List with Increased Engagement for your readers. Boost Your income with these rockstar email list tips!


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