Keeping the home in order is no small feat with two children. There are toys everywhere and so much laundry! Yet I try to remind myself to be grateful. Every time I put a dirty dish into my dishwasher, I am blessed to be able feed my family. I try to remember to be thankful with every dirty article of clothing, we are blessed to be clothed as well.

I don’t mind mopping the kitchen floors or vacuuming the dog hair daily. When it comes to Windexing though, that is the chore I hate the most. It’s not difficult to do, although it has gotten worse as my third pregnancy has progressed! I don’t find it tedious. As a matter of fact most days Boober offers to Windex for chore money for me.


The part about it that bothers me is those little bitsy hand prints on the french glass doors to our school/playroom. They are always there, always so tiny and numerous. Red loves to stand and press those little hands against the glass and practice her balancing. What bugs me most is every time I have to Windex them away I know that they will not come back the same. Next time they will be a little bigger, and they may even be fewer in number. I see the way she stands now. She’s gaining confidence. My baby girl has been growing before my eyes.

I don’t want to wash away the reminders of how small and precious she is. I want to keep them. I want to freeze time and hold her small frame in my arms. I want to kiss her round little baby cheeks and hold her tiny hands. I want to rock her in the rocking chair and sing her songs as she snuggles with her arms nestled around my chest.

One day soon she will be as independent as Boober. The baby fat will have melted off her soft adorable cheeks. She will no longer need the glass door to balance against. She be confident enough to stand on her own. She will no longer want to cuddle in my arms, or have me sing to her before she goes to bed. She’ll be just as sassy as her brother. She’ll be just as inquisitive, just as feisty. Even though I will love her just the same, it will be different and I won’t get it back.

Time is fleeting, and needs to be cherished. So why do I hate to windex? Because it reminds me just that. Time is fleeting. Eventually there will be a day I will wipe those little hand prints off for the last time.


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5 Comments on The reason I hate to Windex

  1. I feel the same way! I have 3 children, my youngest (and last) being my only girl. She just turned 3 this week and though I’m happy, also a little sad! I adore her beyond words and enjoy her NOW, but I wish I could have the baby version of her at the same time!!! I don’t want her to grow up and it’s so hard to watch her do it before my very eyes!!! Sigh… I totally get it!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up to ‘Favorite Things Friday’ with Hip Homeschooling and Simply Rachel!

  2. Awww.. I totally understand! I too am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a great family and given me so much to do but I do get weary of cleaning! It’s so good to be reminded that these days wont last long and that I will be wishing them back some day! linking up with you on favorite things friday:)

  3. Sigh, I’m tearing up here! My baby is 18 months, she just started walking, she is my last one. I am so so so sad about that, I would have gone on and on. Life is so busy there are days I forget to just CHERISH every moment! Thanks so much for linking up at Favorite things Friday! Hope to see you again this week!

  4. I was crying thinking about it, just writing this post! I really enjoy reading Hip Homeschooling. Thank you for coming over to check out my blog!

  5. I shouldn’t have read this a week before my third (and last) child’s first birthday lol. I have also been feeling the time pass far too quickly especially as his birthday approaches and many of his “firsts” have already happened. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I’m never windexing again!

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