My name is Holly!

I am the “Holly” behind At Home With Holly. My company is a homeschool company designed to bring magic, wonder, and delight into home education. Real, true learning happens best when the students are engaged and fulfilled by the experience.

About the company…

Here at At Home With Holly, we are dedicated to the idea that learning should be a lifelong adventure. It should be fun, exciting, hands-on, engaging, and dare I say, messy even! If you agree, I am so glad you found your way here! I’m excited to show you what we offer.

To accomplish that goal as a company we offer an affordable, engaging, and wonder-filled curriculum. You’ll find engaging nature studies, magical memory work that is sure to delight you, cozy reading guides that engage the entire family in conversation, and much much more! You’ll also find courses for homeschool parents to help support you in your home education journey. Please check out our store and see what we have available to aid you! There are plenty of freebies too.

The company is run by myself and a family member. We sometimes have help from other people, usually homeschoolers like us who might work on social media or ads for us. We also get help from my husband on occasion when we need to set up at a homeschool convention.

About Me? Like me specifically?

I’m just a normal mom. I have 3 kids. I’m married to the love of my life. We’ve been together since I was 17! Our family loves to get outdoors, read good books, and watch movies based on the books we read while eating pizza. I can not function without caffeine. If I’m missing, check the local coffee shop first.

I homeschool my kids.

I currently teach 6th grade and 4th grade. My youngest two are close enough in age that I teach them at the same grade level.

Home education was a no-brainer for me. I loved the idea. My educational philosophies are heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason and Rudolph Steiner. The people with the most influence though, are my children.

If you ask me how long I’ve homeschooled my kids, I usually don’t have a good answer for you. We’ve been doing this pretty much since day one. I am in love with the idea of homeschooling.

My passion for homeschooling lies in the fact that it is completely customizable. I love knowing that each of my children has different learning styles, different interests, different passions, and different strengths in subjects. I couldn’t imagine someone else, a public school teacher getting to watch them learn and grow the way I get to as a homeschooler.

I live on a mini-homestead

We also live on what I consider a micro or mini homestead. We don’t personally have a ton of land. We live in a small town on a quarter acre, but I rent multiple plots at a community garden and that has exponentially increased our growing capabilities.

We’ve been growing our own food for about a decade now. We’ve worked our way from a 900-square-foot garden to about 6500 square feet. We produce most of our vegetables and about half our fruit needs for the year. We preserve our food through dehydrating, canning, and freezing. We also keep chickens and bees.

It’s been so much fun watching my kids grow up surrounded by the food they eat and the animals that help to produce some of our food. We keep our chickens for egg production. My daughter is a huge fan of the chickens. We keep Barred Rocks, Black Australorp, and Easter Eggers. Our bees are for honey and pollination. My bees are Italian honey bees.

We also support other local homesteaders and farmers by purchasing what we can’t produce ourselves from them whenever we can. We try to eat as locally and seasonally as possible. I believe it is our responsibility as stewards of the land.

I Stay-at-Home With My Kids

I left my hospital job in November 2019 to stay home with my kids. I had wanted to be home with my kids since I first brought my oldest home but in 2011 my husband and I weren’t in a place financially where it was possible. I started creating and selling curriculum on Teachers Pay Teachers in 2015 and started my first blog shortly thereafter. These days my blog has been making me 5 figure incomes and I am able to stay home and my husband is now home full time as well. It’s been a true blessing and I am so excited to be able to do this for a living!

Thank you so much for reading!