My name is Holly! I am the “Holly” behind At Home With Holly. My company is a homeschool company designed to bring magic, wonder, and delight into home education. Real, true learning happens best when the students are engaged and fulfilled by the experience.

Here at AHWH, we are dedicated to the idea that learning should be a lifelong adventure. It should be fun, exciting, hands-on, engaging, and dare I say, messy even! If you agree, I am so glad you found your way here! I’m excited to show you what we offer.

To accomplish that goal as a company we offer an affordable, engaging, and wonder-filled curriculum. You’ll find engaging nature studies, magical memory work that is sure to delight, and lots more! You’ll also find courses for parents to help support you in your home education journey. Please check out our store and see what we have available to aid you! There are plenty of freebies too.


About Me? Like me specifically?

I’m just a normal everyday mom. I have 3 kids. I’m married to the love of my life. We’ve been together since I was 17! Our family loves to get outdoors, read good books, and watch movies based on the books we read while eating pizza. I can not function without caffeine. If I’m missing, check the local Starbucks first.

I currently teach 4 grade and 1st grade. My youngest two are close enough in age that I teach them at the same grade level.

Home education was a no-brainer for me. I loved the idea. My personal educational philosophies are heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason and Rudolph Steiner. The people with the most influence though, are my children.

If you ask me how long I’ve homeschooled, I usually don’t have a good answer for you. We’ve been doing this pretty much since day one. I am in love with the idea of homeschooling.

My passion for homeschool lies in the fact that it is completely customizable. I love knowing that each of my children has different learning styles, different interests, different passions, and different strengths in subjects. I couldn’t imagine someone else, a public school teacher getting to watch them learn and grow the way I get to as a homeschooler.

We also have some amazing fringe benefits: sleeping in, pajamas as our school uniform, knowing the principal, janitor, lunch lady, and maintenance department, we don’t need permission slips, and we can create our own schedule and classrooms.


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  1. Where are you located in PA? I am in Harrisburg, do you offer classes locally?

  2. I am not very far from Harrisburg, in fact, I used to go to school in Harrisburg! I don’t teach any classes locally on a regular basis, just speaking events and church workshops, things like that.

  3. If you want to share a free resource, how about the free app alpha-read. It is supported by the website The app is designed to be used one on one, adult helper and preschool child. The objective is to introduce the young child to the concept that letters have sounds and sounds combine to make words. Children who learn their letter sounds this way gain a firm foundation for subsequent spelling and reading. The app includes Pointers for Parents and provides ongoing guidance. Children really enjoy it and it has a long history of success in home and classroom settings. Originally a learning kit, it has been updated as an app. Do take a look!!!

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