7 Simple Ways To Parent Peacefully

7 Simple Ways To Parent Peacefully

For many parents, peaceful parenting and gentle discipline do not come naturally. It takes a strong will to overcome the instinct to yell or spank, especially if you were raised in that sort of environment. It is possible to become the relaxed, peaceful parent that you envisioned being when your child was born. Struggles with a toddler, preschooler, or even an older child can make this seem impossible. But, you can learn how to keep your parenting goals in focus and become a gentle parent, I promise!

How To BE a Gentle And Peaceful Parent

Read Parenting Books

Educate yourself on the stages and phases that children go through. It’s easier to understand difficult behavior if it’s typical for that stage of development. This is especially important for the toddler and preschool years when parents often expect children to act older than they are. This can be frustrating for both the parent and the child. Parenting books that cover child development can help parents gain a new perspective on their child at that particular age.


There is no job more stressful than parenting. Exercise can help relieve that stress, but it can be hard to find the time. Go for an early morning walk before the day’s activities start. Join a gym that has childcare services. Or, make a commitment to walk every evening after dinner. When you are more relaxed, you will deal with your children in a more relaxed and peaceful manner.


Most parenting books have exercises that the reader can do to explore her own feelings about parenting. Use a journal to do the exercises that you think would benefit you the most.

It’s also beneficial to journal about particular problems that you are having with your children, especially the things that seem to be your hot button issues. Writing out a problem will sometimes help you discover a solution and it can often diffuse feelings before the situation becomes overwhelming.

Join an Online Parenting Group

Online parenting groups can be a source of support and a way to problem solve with other parents. Be sure to find one that is in line with your parenting beliefs. If you are uncomfortable with discussions on spanking, then don’t join a parenting group that advocates spanking. Ideally, join a group of other parents that are striving to be peaceful parents.

Embrace Change

Most experienced parents can attest to the fact that once you figure out what you are doing with your child, he will enter a new phase and your old techniques will no longer work. A toddler who has been easy to redirect away from mischief becomes an argumentative preschooler who refuses to be redirected. When this happens, it’s time to find some new parenting books for that next phase. Continue to educate yourself on parenting and be flexible.

Post Inspirational Quotes

Quotes that have a strong meaning can help you stay on track with your parenting goals. Post a quote on your refrigerator or any place else where you will see it frequently as a reminder.

Make Time For Yourself

Even if it is only 5 minutes at a time, allowing time for yourself is key in keeping an internal balance. It’s not fair to ask yourself to give up things that bring you joy, which I feel many mother’s do for the sake of their families. You can download my list of 5-minute joys to get an idea of how you can create small moments for yourself.

But when it comes to making time for yourself, sometimes, it’s just easier said than done. So, with that said, you might want to look into delegating from time to time where you can. For example, if you’re just too tired or you really want to dedicate your day to something else, you don’t have to cook; you could instead get delivery or takeout. 

When it comes to your garden or lawn, this can 100% keep a person super busy, especially in the hotter months, so you could even look into hiring professionals such as for tree care services if it means that you’ll have more time to yourself. Seriously, never stretch yourself out too thin; it’ll never work out if you do!

BONUS TIP: Clear Your Space

Mental and physical clutter both, are super frustrating. Obviously making time for yourself can help clear some of that mental clutter but what about physical clutter? Decluttering doesn’t have to be drastic but it’s ok giving yourself permission to let go of stuff. You may be holding on to something you think you’ll fix, or maybe it was given to you. It’s ok to let go. Allowing yourself some “white space” in your surroundings can really help bring calm into your life.

Make a commitment to be a peaceful parent and a gentle disciplinarian. Then, educate yourself by reading parenting books and seek the support of other parents. Soon, peaceful parenting will be second nature.

How To Be a Peaceful and Gentle Parent

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