ABC’s Printable Pack for Tots

Since my little girl has begun tot schooling this year, I thought it would be a fun idea to create some printables for her. She loves to watch us when I am working with my oldest. You can see she wants in on the action- and of course she did as much as we could allow her to do.

Now that she has started to walk and talk its been easier to include her. Since we ended our summer break she has entered the classroom. Her goals for this year are simple. I want her to learn colors, shapes, count to 10 (maybe 20) and know her ABC’s. Each year my children start out with a goal for the year and then I break up small quarter year goals.



To help her with her ABC’s I have created this pack of simple printables. To use them you simply have your tot finger paint or paint with a q-tip to fill in the letters! We reprinted these a few times and painted with our Do-A-Dot Markers, used stickers, used sticky back gems, laminated and used buttons to cover the page. My favorite way we’ve used them though is finger print stamping. I have my little girl place her finger in a little bit of paint and the stamp all of the empty dots. The possibilities are really endless.


Have fun using the printable. Let me know if you come up with any creative ways to use it!

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