Popsicle Stick Busy Box

Here is  a fun color sorting activity for your tot. You will need a black marker, Velcro dots, Popsicle sticks crayons and paint color chips from the hardware store or Walmart. I also grabbed a piece of card stock to create a Popsicle template so all my Popsicle were the same shape.

Popsicle Color Matching Busy Box.

First I created a template for my popsicle with my card stock and cut it out. Then I traced the template on to the back of each of my paint chips, and cut them out. I colored my popsicle sticks with a coordinating color. I also labeled the sticks with the color name (I thought of this after I took my picture). This helps my little girl recognize her color names. Once that part was complete I added one side on my Velcro dot the back of my Popsicle and the other to my Popsicle stick.

The completed project ready to be packed into it’s box!

Be aware that it was harder then I thought it would be to pull the two parts of my Popsicle apart. If your afraid the Velcro will be a little difficult for your tot to pull apart, I would use a magnet instead. Once my project was complete I handed them over to my daughter to play.


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