Zero Waste Options for Gift Wrapping

With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about buying and wrapping all of those Christmas gifts. The idea of all that patterned paper year after year can get boring, not to mention that it all ends up in the trash bin just moments after the gift opening is done- what a waste!

There are so many more unique and creative gift wrapping ideas for the holidays, or any special occasion. Not only are some of these options more attractive than standard gift wrap, but many are also more environmentally friendly too!

Fabric Gift Wrap

There are many different kinds of cloth to use for gift wrapping. You can choose some old scrap fabric and simply fold the ends in as you would if using regular wrapping paper and secure with ribbon or string. You can be as bold with color and pattern as you like, or choose a plain fabric with a colorful ribbon or bow as the centerpiece.

Or try choosing something a little more unique, catered to the recipient’s tastes, like a scarf, dish towel, tablecloth, shower curtain, denim, or even an apron. The reusable shopping bag is another great option, and they can be found in many attractive colors; similar in sentiment to the traditional paper gift bag, but much more useful afterward!

Tip: If choosing a towel or apron as a wrap, try adding a personal touch by having the item monogrammed!

A great idea for the knitting or crochet enthusiast on your list is to wrap their gift in brightly colored yarn. Simply place the item in a relatively square container, begin wrapping the yarn tightly around the item, and finish by tucking a crochet hook or knitting needles on the top in place of a bow! When the recipient unravels the gift, they can retain the yarn for later use!

Tip: Because this can be a bit finicky, it is best done only on smaller gifts.

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Options For An Ecofriendly Holiday

Use Containers Instead of Wrap

Doing away with wrap completely and opting to package gifts in attractive containers instead is another non-traditional choice. Spray paint old cookie or coffee tins in brilliant gold or holiday red; choose an opaque canister or jar, or place gifts inside a pretty wicker basket or even a cooler or mixing bowl. Even clear canning jars can be used; simply take some craft paint and decorate the exterior, or line the jars with fabric to hide the contents.

Scrap Paper as Gift Wrap

If you just can’t get the idea of paper gift wrap out of your head, there are still unique and eco-conscious ways to go about it. Try repurposing old wallpaper scraps, sewing patterns, sheet music, newspaper, or pages from old books for the task; even brown paper bags from the grocery store look pretty all done up with beautiful ribbon or decorated with nuts, dried leaves, and flowers, or pine cones. You can also make found-paper boxes using origami or homemade scrap paper gift bags.

Don’t be afraid to give these alternative gift wraps a try; people are often flattered that you went to the trouble of “creating” special gift wrap just for them. And these unconventional wraps are extra thoughtful since they have much less impact on the environment than commercial wraps. So get creative with what goes under the tree this holiday season, and with gift wrapping all year long!

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Options For An Ecofriendly Christmas

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