Newmero Bricks Homeschool Review

My family and I recently had the opportunity to try a new math product called Newmero bricks.  This is a tool that makes math a tactile experience. This was a very handy tool for my kinesthetic learners.

Newmero bricks are available for purchase on Amazon. For the purposes of review, I was given them by the company.  All opinions in this post are my honest unbiased opinion. 

When we first received our Newmero bricks, I opened the package and was surprised by how sturdy the bricks were. They are made of thick plastic and color-coded for place value. Because of how sturdy the bricks are I believe they can hold up to the sort of use a young child will put them through.  My biggest gripe with some other tactile math tools is their small size. These Bricks are big enough that a child can handle them without losing the pieces. They also come with a  black bag to contain them.

The bricks work by featuring an engraved number symbol on the front and a notched top featuring a corresponding number of notches.  Say you are working with the number five your title will feature the number five on the front and five notches on top of the tile. 

We were able to use the bricks in several different ways. The first way was to help my kindergartener understand that each number had a  numeric symbol and a numeric value.  We were also able to establish that each value could be larger or smaller than another.  Being able to see these things made it easier for him to understand.

 For my daughter, we use the bricks to establish place value. she was able to see that a number could be broken down into hundreds place, tens place, and ones place values. The bricks made it easier for her to visualize by differentiating the color between each place value.  While there are similar color-coded math manipulatives, this differs because it stacks and holds in place. 

Another way we were able to use the bricks was to use the notched side to create number bonds.  Laying the notched top side-by-side I was able to show that when adding one number to another you had combined to create a group, a completely new number. 

Beyond the ways that I’ve talked about using the bricks, numero actually has a website and on their website, you can find videos to show you how to use the bricks in different creative ways. You can find videos for beginner intermediate and advanced learners. 

Newmero bricks are designed for preschool through fourth-grade use. they can be used to teach number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, number bonds, division, patterns, sequencing, and number comparison.

Overall I think these are a wonderful product for learning math. They are well suited for young children because they are sturdy and larger than traditional manipulatives. They have multiple self-correcting end self-teaching tools like the color coding and the notched jigsaw end. This makes it an excellent tool for upper elementary children as well.  I would definitely recommend this product if you have children who have trouble with math especially if they are hands-on learners, they are an excellent tool for tactile and kinesthetic learners.

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