Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum Free

Free Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum

When I first got started homeschooling I never realized how quickly your budget can be blown, or if not careful spiral out of control.

In fact my first year of homeschooling I didn’t even set a budget.

That quickly led to things getting out of hand. I bought many items that were never even used- workbooks, manipulatives, posters and so on.

That’s why I love good high-quality freebies.

Notice I say high-quality? Not all free curriculum is created equally. It’s important to have a curriculum that is still able to teach and add value rather than just become “filler” in your day.

Waldorf Playroom | How to create a beautiful Waldorf playroom on a budget. There are so many great ways to use DIY or items around your house to create a beautiful Waldorf inspired space for your child to play.

Here are some of my favorite free curriculum that you can use to create a complete free third-grade schedule.



If you’re interested in nature study here is a great resource. I love the idea of a green hour

National Wildlife Federation

Along the same nature-study theme is a free Charlotte Mason inspired 32-week nature study curriculum. You can check it out here:

32 Week Nature Study

For a more complete homeschool science curriculum, I like Mystery Science. They offer several hundred free memberships for their curriculum. They also offer an upgraded version of the curriculum that is very reasonably priced.

Mystery Science

CK12 is another Science option although through the Elementary curriculum isn’t as well put together as the Middle School and High School version it’s still a solid place to start if you are piecing together your own curriculum.

CK12 Third Grade

3rd grade free homeschool resources and curriculum


Although Khan Academy offers more than just math education, it is a great place to find a comprehensive math curriculum.

Khan Academy

ABYYA is a site that we have used many times to supplement our homeschool. This site has some great games that reinforce the math we are learning.


This is an easy math curriculum to use. Here is a link to the third-grade curriculum offered on their site.

Math Is Fun

This book is from a series and it does not come with a teacher’s manual but I still feel it is a great option for third grade regardless.

Math Learning Center




Free Books

If your child has trouble reading or is an audio learner I suggest using Librivox. This is a huge collection of audiobooks and I love to play these while in the car. There are some great living books in Librivox like “The Burgess Bird Book For Children


You can not forget your local library! If you return your books on time this is also a great place to get free books. Now, of course, I mention returning on time- because I am currently in debt to my local library $20. You can also check out the Free Library of Philadelphia which has lots of online resources.

Free Library of Philadelphia


Extra Help For Struggling Readers

I LOVE “Teach Your Monster to Read”. It’s a great game your child can play on for free on a computer.  It was created by the Usborne company. It covers letter sounds to full sentences, so it is a high-quality game. It will allow your child to progress through the letter sounds to words and sentences.

Teach Your Monster To Read

American History

I turn to Librivox once again for free history audiobooks. Some of which are a little outdated for the language but still paint a fairly compelling story of our history.

America History Stories 

I’m a big fan of Teachers Pay Teachers and I love to scour the freebies offered there. One of my favorites this year was this”Pioneer Journal” I think it could be a great addition to a study of American History.

Pioneer Journal

Charlotte Mason Style American History Curriculum for 3rd Grade

Under the Home

Language Arts:

Here is another freebie that is part of a larger curriculum and lacks a teacher’s manual but I think is so worth the extra work you may need to put into planning to use it- but honestly it is not much prep work at all.

Treasure Workbooks

The Good and The Beautiful offers a free comprehensive curriculum for grades 1-5. The other grades are HIGHLY affordable though. This curriculum is a Christian worldview but it is non-denominational which I really liked

The Good and The Beautiful


There is a great Geography Reader available written by Charlotte Mason. If you are looking for a secular book this is not for you but if you’re open to Christian curriculum this is a great gentle start to Geography!

Geographical Readers for Elementary Schools, Book 1

I loved this state notebook for learning all about the United States this year with my children. If you are looking for a secular curriculum I would use this as a guide to studying the states instead.
States Notebook

Now if you want no prep work at all (beyond printing) I highly suggest a non-free curriculum- Across The USA bought this in the Build Your Bundle sale in 2017 and we used it for our 17/18 school year and it was FANTASTIC. My kids could color while I read about each state. The coloring really helped both my visual and my kinesthetic learners!


Full Curriculum

Wildwood Curriculum is another really great Charlotte Mason style curriculum that is completely free. This one also happens to be a secular curriculum if you are looking for a secular curriculum for your child.



Similarly, there is Under the Home which is based on the teachings of Charlotte Mason. I personally have never used this but it looks well organized and extensive.

Under The Home


Ambleside is a Christian Charlotte Mason curriculum that has been a favorite among the community for a very long time.



A complete Charlotte Mason curriculum for Catholic families, Mater Amabilis is the curriculum I used the first year I homeschooled my son.
Mater Amabilis

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