One of the ways I wanted to bless my readers, was to make meal time as simple as possible for them.

In a reader survey, I found that for most of you dinner time tended to be a struggle. How interesting! I have the same problem. I homeschool, blog and I have a household to manage. Most days the hat that I drop is the dinner hat!

April Monthly Menu, this simply rocks. 20 printable recipe cards, a calendar to plan and matching grocery lists. I love this. Its everything I need besides the food itself!

One of the ways I found that I can avoid dropping the dinner hat, has been to have a plan of action for dinners. I plan about a month in advance for dinners, marking any special occasions on the calendar. Then I create my menu. I plan slow cooked meals on days that I am homeschooling and most weekends we try to finish up the leftovers so there is as little waste as possible.


This printable:

It is a monthly menu includes 20 printable recipe cards, a menu for planning and printable shopping lists for each week. I hope this helps make your dinner planning that much easier!

April Menu


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