How to Make a Cleaning Basket

To help my kids along with their chores, I created chore baskets. Each basket contains the tools needed to complete each one of their tasks. For example, today, my son’s chore basket included Lysol wipes to do the counters and doorknobs, Windex, paper towels and air freshener.

I load all the items into the basket and attach the chore cards. The basket helps to keep them working independently. Before the baskets, they would come to me asking what to do, or what they needed. This gives them all the tools they need, organized in one container. They are able to take everything along with them as they work.

The chore card allows them to see what tasks need to be done. It also allows them to see how far they have come. Prior to the chore cards, they would ask constantly “how much more” or “What else do I have to do”. The cards are easy to use. They can tear off each card as it is completed and drop it in the basket. Then the can see how much they have done and what they still have to do.


Here is what a typical basket looks like when it is assembled. I attached the chore cards with a pipe cleaner because it’s easy to twist open and shut. I have also used metal rings, but I found that those are hard to remove if I want to add or remove chore cards.

The basket comes from Dollar Tree and most of the time I purchase basic cleaning supplies there as well. I laminate my chore cards so they last longer. My son prefers to carry a dry erase marker and check off his tasks rather than rip the cards off.

You can get a copy of our chore cards for free:


How to create a chore basket, a tool to help your child clean independently, plus free chore cards to print and use in your own home!

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  1. Just stumbled on this post today and I love this idea!! Unfortunately your pictures don’t seem to be loading. Do you have a list of the chores that you give each child? I’m trying to come up with a plan for my 3 and 5 year old and like this method. Thank you!

  2. Yes I do.

    My 5 almost 6-year-old:
    Daily: feed our dog, set the breakfast table, make his bed daily and put away his clean laundry
    Monday/Thursday: Windex windows and wipe off counters
    Tuesday/Friday: Lysol the doorknobs and light switches and dust
    Wednesday: Windex in the bathroom and wipe counters in bathroom

    My 3-year-old:
    Daily: Gathers dirty dishes and puts them in the sink after meals, gathers dirty laundry to take the basket, and sorts clean socks
    Monday/Thurs: Helps wipe counters and cabinets, dusts the living room
    Tues/Friday: Swiffers the kitchen (we found a child size swiffer!)
    Wednesday: Wipes down the bathroom cabinet doors and empties little bathroom trashcan into the big trash

    I hope that helps!