Why Create A Homeschool Mission Statement

Why Create A Homeschool Mission Statement?

On those hard days it is easy to forget, and even easier to question why to continue to homeschool. I want you to create a mission statement for your homeschool. Remember that feeling in your heart as to why you began your homeschool journey. Capture it on paper. I like to place my mission statement somewhere I can come back to it easily. I like to look at it and remember: This is why.

How To Create A Homeschool Mission Statement

There are several different places to get started with your homeschool mission statement. Here are a few places to get started!

  • Why did you start homeschooling in the first place
  • What are your hopes and dreams for your homeschool
  • What do you love about homeschooling
  • What do your children love about homeschooling
  • What are your favorite verses or quotes that you could include
  • Could include goals for spirit, life skills, and generalized academic goals

Where To Put Your Homeschool Mission Statement

So here are a few suggestions for where to put a mission statement you can easily come back to.

  • Right on the front of your lesson planner
  • Right inside your lesson planner
  • Framed on your desk
  • Framed on the wall in your homeschool room.
  • Inside each of your children’s student planners:
  • On your coffee mug- seriously buy a white coffee mug and a sharpie and write it there
  • Use it for copy work

When To Review Your Mission Statement

Ok, so there are some great suggestions for places to place that mission statement for when you need it. Let’s talk about when to look at it. The beginning of the year is a great place to start When you and your kids are starting homeschool day one, zero hour; look at it evaluate it and see if it needs updates and addendums. Ask your children for their input as well. Does it speak to their hearts as well as yours? Do they want to create a student mission statement?

Let the mission statement be bold and powerful. Don’t be afraid to set yourself to high standards. You’re not setting academic goals with a mission statement.

My Mission Statement

Here is our homeschool mission statement straight from our schoolhouse!

“We are lifelong learners building knowledge based on fun. We will learn by using our hands, our hearts, and our minds. We will engage in reading, exploring, creating, imagining and doing at every opportunity. We know that knowledge is power. We understand that we are blessed to live in a culture that allows us the freedom to learn to an infinite level and places value on our education. We will not waste the freedoms we are given. Most importantly we will turn our heads upward every day and be thankful we are as blessed as we are!  

One Last Word Of Encouragement

One of the biggest struggles of homeschool can often be how harsh we are on ourselves as homeschool mothers. We find a million reasons why homeschooling isn’t working.

Often the blame is on us. “I’m too impatient” or “I’m not smart enough” or “There aren’t enough hours in the day”. There are a million reasons I can list just from things that have popped into my own head let alone the reasons my friends have mentioned.

The truth is homeschooling mommas, you’re doing just fine. Don’t be so hard on yourself. There are plenty of people out there to criticize, don’t let that voice in your head be a critical one as well. Be your own cheerleader. You’re doing it all. You’re a mom, a keeper of the home, a chef, a teacher, an advocate for homeschooling, you basically do it all. Be proud!

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  1. I was starting to spiral out of control with thoughts of self doubt and frustration that I “can’t have it together.” the last paragraph you wrote hit home tonight. Thank you for that.