How To Get Children To Read

How To Get Children To Read

How To Raise A Reader

Create a Love of Reading

Every parent wants to raise their children to be successful and eager to learn new things. Creating a love of reading solidifies that you are setting them on a quest for knowledge. Reading with your child has many advantages also such as encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity, and creating meaningful bonding time with your child.

It also exposes them to things outside their realm and can bring up questions leading them to further research and learning. There are several steps that a parent can take to help form a good relationship between your little one and reading.

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Lead By Example

One of the easiest things that you can do is lead by example. Parents who read often tend to have kids who prefer to read regularly. Make sure that you have several books and magazines available for your child. I tend to place them in each room in baskets and on shelves so they are always available.

Comic books and graphic novels also count when it comes to catching the attention of young readers and come in a variety of different topics suited to the interests of kids and young adults. Graphic novels are great for visual learners who sometimes struggle with reading. They have some really great graphic novels available- including classic books and Shakespeare.

Create a family ritual that on a certain day weekly or monthly the family goes to the bookstore to pick out books or visits your local library. By doing this regularly, your child will be excited about all their new choices. My family personally has a ritual around library sales and regular visits to a thrift store with a huge book selection.

Kill The Electronics

Turning off the TV is another way to encourage your child to read. Sitting down and reading to your child in funny voices and with exaggerated hand and facial expressions helps keep the attention of the short ones.

For older children, chapter books and series tend to keep them wanting more.  This makes them a good choice whether you are reading to them or they are reading the book to themselves. I tend to start my child off by reading aloud the first book in a series or the first few chapters before telling them that they must continue on their own.

No matter what topic you are reading about, the most important thing is to be consistent in your special reading time together and to provide new material for them to enjoy and get excited about. I like to have a special time after lunch for our reading together as a family, it holds quiet time to recharge as well as making reading a priority. 

Make Books Available

By being creative and making books available, you can guide your little one to reading success. The key is creativity and persistence. Be a good example and read often, they will follow your lead. Discuss what your child is reading with them and reward them with books as gifts. By following these easy steps, your child will be a bookworm in no time.

How To Get Your Children To Love Reading | Simple tips for helping to develop a love of reading in your homeschooler.

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