Here are Five REAL struggles of the average homeschool mom. We have all faced them at one time or another. Silly little things that can be frustrating like you would not believe.

1. The Printer is out of printer paper!

There is no paper left for the printer. I have an AMAZING printable that will go perfectly with our current unit study. Suddenly there is not a single piece of printer paper to be had anywhere. That or the ink runs out.


2. The laminator won’t heat up fast enough.

The laminator is taking FOREVER to warm up. They say a watched pot never boils, for homeschooling moms the saying should be ‘a watched laminator never heats’.


3. Your child’s sudden loss of interest in the topic of your next unit study.

Boober just lost interest in the subject of his next unit study, the interest led one?! Why!! If you’re like me you probably just spent hours hunting down books, printables, facts for copy work, pictures and planned a field trip. Now all of the sudden your child is onto the next thing. Kids….


4. No.Coffee. NONE!!!

I ran out of coffee!!! Seriously there is no coffee left in the house? We have to make a run to the store. It’s urgent, a headache of ridiculous proportions will commence if no coffee is had by 10 am and then NO one will be happy or safe from the wrath of un-caffeinated mom.


5. Where to put everything and where did it all come from?

There is never enough room for books and supplies. Seriously who bought all this stuff? I think the homeschool fairy was here because I don’t recall buying all of this. I constantly rearrange as if I am magically going to discover my house has a secret book shelf hidden somewhere.

I hope this list has given you a little laugh. We’ve all been there and had one or two of these things happen to us. What else can we do but laugh in these moments?

I can’t tell you how many times I have planned a unit study and suddenly Boober is on to his next big interest, although I swear we could study stinkbugs for the next five years. There have been many more times where I have run out of paper, or laminating sheets or ink! It’s in these little moments that I can let the frustration get to me or I can choose to have a little laugh.

What do you choose?



4 Comments on Five Real Struggles for a Homeschool Mom

  1. I love this! I can identify with most things on the list… fortunately the no coffee thing only means that we’re headed to the coffee shop, but… still…

  2. Perfect! I felt you on ALL of these, especially the coffee by 10. I am not one to delay the start of our school day for much, but everything EVERYTHING will stop for us to go to the store and buy emergency coffee. 🙂

  3. Wow,I’m Hollie too.Just started this homeschool adventure. I wanted to protect my kids and have control of what they hear and learn.We were living in one of the Best areas in Fl. And they were still learning bad things from other kids.?
    Also,Peer Pressure, starts early now and is Real.
    Please,if you have any advice from one mom to another.Please,I would love to hear.?

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