Free Lego Pre-K Printable Pack

Since my new Lego Math book is now available for pre-order I thought I would offer this new pre-k printable pack. There are 15 pages to this pack. It includes pattern making, pre-writing and writing practice, emotion recognition and more.

15 page Lego Pre-K Pack. This pack is filled with fun activities for lego lovers! There are pattern pages, coloring pages, and more! Pin this for a rainy day.
Click the image above to download!


If you enjoy this printable be sure to check out our new pre-k math work book available to download August 15th. You can pre-order today and receive it for a discount!

This workbook will review colors, counting, addition, subtraction, pattern making and more. We start our journey with Alex, the foreman of a Lego construction site, who walks your child through creating different projects step by step. Alex is there to guide your child with engaging activities, like building towers, laying foundations, and creating geometric shapes. Alex will have your child practicing math skills through play without them even realizing they are learning.

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