How to write an effective homeschool lesson plan

Since we are still in the early years of learning I know that full curriculum won’t work for us especially with Red, since she is only 2. For that reason we rely heavily on lesson plans for her.

To create a lesson plan, you need to have a rough idea of what you want to teach. So let’s say I want to teach her about numbers 1-10. I begin creating my lesson around that that concept.

Here is an example below of what my lesson plan would look like, I’ll break it down as we work through it.

Lesson Name: Recognizing numbers 1-10

Once I have a lesson theme and goal, then I consider what subject I am teaching for. This one is fairly obvious it falls into the math category. It really all depends on what your gearing your lesson towards.

Subject: Math

Once you have the subject, it’s time to consider the objective. What do you want your child, or children to know after the lesson has been taught? Do you want them to fully comprehend the lesson? Is this an introduction or a review?

Objective: To understand that each number represents a specific amount.

Then list any materials you want to gather for your lesson. This is an important step so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to get organized. You will know exactly what you need. I try to have a specific location to store my materials for upcoming lessons.

Materials List: Number flash cards, manipulatives for counting, relevant printables

Now write the directions to your lesson. This doesn’t have to be overly specific just an outline is often good enough for me.

Directions: Go over the numbers with our flash cards one time through. Take a flash card and use manipulative to demonstrate amount represented by that number. Lastly a Do a Dot printable worksheet.

Next its time to decide how you will measure the sucess of  your lesson. Do you expect them to know the amounts this first lesson? Do you plan to issue a test to see if they learned? How will you measure the lessons success, and make room for improvement if needed.

Evaluation: The Hop Along  Game. Make a series of 10 squares on the sidewalk like hopscotch. Bring the number flash cards and have your child jump that number of spaces. Go over each number in order or out of order, however you prefer. 

And finally if your lesson can be extended you can write for another way to extend the lesson.

Lesson Extension: Watch LeapFrog’s Number’s Ahoy DVD


How to write a lesson plan that actually works for your child.

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