Free Printable Montessori 3-Part Cards For Teaching Shapes

Little Miss Red is learning her shapes. At nearly two she is a toddler tornado This can be problematic if I need to help Boober, my preschooler, with his handwriting. I needed something she could manipulate while we were all together in our school room. Something she could work with on her own, that would keep her occupied like her busy boxes do.

I decided to create a set of Montessori 3-part cards for her to teach her shapes. This way it would keep her hands busy and still allow me to be involved if I needed to be. She loves sorting this seemed like the perfect solution for her.

Free printable 3-part Montessori cards

We don’t go 100% Montessori in our home, but I love a lot of the ideas and tools used. I have done some reading here and there, with what is available in our library. Like any good eclectic homeschooler, we do what will work for our home, and quilt together a curriculum from the styles that are out there! I love that I can tailor a unique educational experience for each one of my children through homeschool. After all each child is different. Each child learns in a different manner. Education isn’t one size fits all.

So without further chit chat on my end, let me share with you, my 3-part Montessori cards for teaching shapes. Simply download them, laminate them or paste them to cardstock to help them hold up, and cut them out! Then of course enjoy!

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Free Printable 3-part Montessori Cards for Teaching Shapes. This is a great. Print now so you don't loose this to Pinterest!


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