Ideas For Taking Home Education Outside The Home

5 Ideas for Taking Home Education Outside the Home

Most home educating families aren’t guilty of spending a ton of time sitting at desks in a classroom, but every now and then we are guilty of finding ourselves in a rut! Spending more than a few days in your home can make you stir crazy.

Of there are so many ways you can take learning outside the classroom. Whether you visit a museum or do job shadowing, there are so many great ways to get out and explore the world. To quote Charlotte Mason “Never be indoors when you can rightly be without!” and while all these ideas won’t take you outdoors, they will take you out YOUR doors. 😉

1. Museum Visits

Visiting a museum is an excellent way to take learning outside the classroom. Your child can learn so much. It’s helpful to find a museum that has interactive exhibits that are child-oriented for younger children. Not only does this allow your child to get hands-on learning, but your child will enjoy the experience more.

You should also be on the lookout for free days at your local museums. Some museums offer memberships that can hold benefits like free admission to several other museums. Another free option to explore is nature centers at local parks. They often have interactive exhibits and are free.

2. Nature Walks

There’s so much a child can learn from a nature walk. It’s a great way to learn about plants, the change of seasons, wildlife, etc. You can take pictures of the things that interest your children the most and then research those items the next day in the classroom.

We create nature journals in our homeschool and go on nature walks at least once a week. Can I tell you how much it has helped both the children and I to just get outside in nature! I’ve been stir crazy over the coldest months of winter- but there is plenty of wildlife still out there if you just bundle up and go.

3. Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking are wonderful ways to learn new things or practice skills. Kids can practice reading skills, math, measuring, and much more. Cooking and baking are also great skills for kids to learn.

If you want to take things one step further, you can teach your child budgeting by giving your child a certain amount of money and coupon inserts and letting them purchase what’s needed to prepare a meal. Hello! That’s a handicraft + living math lesson right there! I’m a big fan of two for one subjects.

4. Library Trips

Ebooks may have taken the world by storm, but nothing will replace the feeling of going to the library. If your library has a great section for kids, visit it often. Your child can be exposed to new authors, find books she really wants to read, and even enjoy special programs.

Visit your library’s website for a list of upcoming events. Not to mention your homeschooler might meet other children at these events, and then you can cross off socialization from your to-do list! KIDDING, you have to take them to more than one event, but you knew I was being sarcastic, didn’t you?

5. Job Shadowing

Last, but not least, finding a way for your child to shadow someone in a career he’s interested in is a great option to venture outside the classroom. Have your child write down at least three careers he’s interested in and then contact local businesses about a possible job shadowing event. Explain that you homeschool your child and want him to experience a career he’s interested in.

If you’re looking for interesting things to do with your child, there are so many great ways to take learning outside the classroom. Whether you visit the library or do a nature walk, you and your child will love the change of scenery.

Remember my homeschool friends the world is your classroom! Do you have any other ideas to share? Drop it in the comments below!

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