How To Do Artist Study For Free or Cheap

How To Do Artist Study For Free Or Cheap

Since my children are young I didn’t want to spend a ton of money doing artist study out of fear they just would not care. Even though the idea is to cultivate a love of art, sometimes I feel like my kids just don’t appreciate certain things until the right age or interest emerges.

There are several things I have done to gently introduce some art appreciation in my home. I’d love to share some of my tips with you, in hopes they inspire you!

I “Strew” Items Around My Homeschool Room

I might place a clipboard with a piece of artwork from the artist we are studying on top of a bookshelf. I might place a bunch of cards with the artist’s artwork on them on one of our shelving units. I might add some books to a basket and place it on our the table where we do our homeschool work.

I hit up the library

There are a ton of books on artists. If I were to buy them all that could get quite expensive. If I have an artist study coming up I head to the library and see what they have available to check out. There are some great books written on artists. There are titles like “The Boy Who Drew Birds” or “Discovering Great Artists” for example.

I buy second hand

My ABSOLUTE favorite place to second-hand books and art cards are from Better World Books! There are deals to be had on Amazon as well if you look! I am fond of these cards sets for art study. I also ask our homeschool friends if they have old material they want to lend or sell.

I take advantage of the internet freebies

My favorite place to find free artist study resources are:

I hope you enjoyed the free resources and tips! If you have any great tips to share, please share them in the comments below! I love to hear new ideas.

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