If you are on my email list you have probably already heard me singing the praises of Boxed.com. We live in an area where the closest Costco is about an hour south of our house, same goes for Sam’s Club and the closest BJ’s is even further. The thing is with a family of five, those bulk deals really come in handy!


Boxed.com offers a solution to those without a Warehouse Club nearby, or for those who don’t think the membership is worth it. Here are my favorite things about Boxed.com:


Memberships of $45 to a store that I might only get to every few months seems steep! I understand the benefits I get for my membership but as a growing family, every dollar matters. That is why I love that Boxed.com has no membership fee.

You might be thinking “Holly, they are an online store, of course. They wouldn’t charge a membership fee!” but there are plenty of online merchants who do. I am a card carrying member of both Amazon Prime and Thrive Market!


Boxed.com gives you AND your referral $15 in credit. It is a great way to fill coupon shelves and stock up a pantry. If you love Box.com the way I do then you will have no problem getting credits. Imagine you refer 5 friends, that is $75 right there in FREE groceries! Plus you sent your friends $75 worth of free grocery credits. WIN-WIN!


I am not one to trust when a store tells me that I am saving over other prices, I shop around. I was impressed by the amount I was saving over stores I expect to have the lowest prices. Boxed.com had Amazon beat on several items.


Not to sound melodramatic but to reach my closest Costco, I would be spending $15 in gas to get there. I have to drive over an hour to reach it. I was once a proud card carrying member of Costco. Sadly our last move put us much further than I am willing to drive- and then shop with three children 5 and under!

I know that might not be true for everyone, you may have a Costco 15 minutes away! If so that is fantastic. I encourage you to take a looked at Boxed.com anyway though and let us know how the prices compare! Boxed.com is membership fee free, so that might just be reason enough to switch!


This is probably one of my favorite things about Boxed.com and it might sound crazy. They do not have an overwhelming amount of items available yet. I hate shopping on Amazon because it shows me suggested/similar items and I end up wasting 2 hours deciding which box of granola bars is the best deal!

Boxed.com does a wonderful job curating quality items and negotiating great prices. One of my favorite companies, Annie’s™, is sold in bulk on Boxed.com! I have scored bulk deals on Annie’s™ fruit snacks and Mac and Cheese!


Boxed.com has apps available in both the Apple Store and Google Play. I have the Boxed.com app for my phone and it is so easy to place an order from my phone at the playground or while I am at Co-op!


I love that I can save my favorite items under my account. If you have a particular item that you would like to bookmark for quick re-orders this feature makes it possible. I have all sorts of goodies saved in my favorites list- everything from fruit snacks to 10 packs of notebooks!


I love that with every order they send a free sample! You can pick your free samples by going under the free samples section and adding them to your order. Last time we ordered and they were out of stock, we ended up getting 5 bags of snacks!


As a homeschool mom, this is kind of my absolute favorite thing about them. I even emailed my subscribers to tell them about the deal I got on construction paper a few weeks ago! I love that I can order 10 packs of notebooks and construction paper packs and other things. There are two other stores that I buy school supplies from but Boxed beats.


  • Check your local store prices. Each week grocery stores have lead sales, and sometimes those sales do beat the prices featured by Boxed.com.
  • They don’t have the sheer volume of stock that Costco and Sam’s Club maintain. I really like that but for others that may be a deal breaker.
  • Since they do not carry a ton of product as a newer company so products tend to sell out fast, especially sale items!

Be sure to check out Boxed.com through my referral link and save $15 off your first order. Don’t forget to then use your own referral link to share with your friends to save them $15 too!


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