25 Days of Christmas Creative Writing Prompts Free Printable

This year since things have gotten very busy around the holidays, I have personally decided less is more until we are out of the holiday season. For this reason and to do something a little differently than we usually do, I created a “25 days of creative writing” pack for Boober. Since he isn’t spelling yet, I plan to have him narrate to me and illustrate his story himself.

I am sharing this printable with my readers today. It includes 25 creative writing prompts like “Rudolph’s nose won’t glow because he has a cold” or “The Elves want a tropical vacation” or “If you had $100 to spend this holiday”. Each prompt includes a box to illustrate the story and 10 lines to write it.

I hope this printable blesses you this holiday! Please enjoy it. I know we will have so much fun using this printable over the next 25 days!



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