Free Printable Avengers Pre-K Pack

Today I am sharing with all my lovely readers a printable pack that my son Boober, fully and unconditionally throws his support behind. It’s an Avengers printable! He has been big into Marvel lately, the Hulk in particular.

15 page Avengers printable pack
15 page Avengers printable pack

I made this printable for him to practice his letters. I like to continue to reinforce his letters, numbers and shapes as we practice pre-writing. I think reinforcement of skills is important to gain confidence. As Boober shows more confidence, the more he seems eager to continue learning.

That motivates me. I love to see him enjoying learning, wanting to practice. He sees it as play, and that is important to a child his age.

The pack includes Do-A-Dot worksheets, Letter Tracing, Matching, Pattern Making, and more. I am already working on an expansion pack for this one too, since my little guy was so excited for this one! Look for that one later on down the road.

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  1. This is amazing! I came here looking for a poster of numbers featuring the Avengers for my godson. Do you have this in stock, by any chance? I already sent this printable to his mom, I’m sure he’ll be delighted! You’re doing an amazing job!

  2. I don’t have anything like that in stock, sorry. I’ll have to consider doing something like that though. I’m sure it would be something others would enjoy.