10 Tips That Will Help You Sell Last Year’s Homeschool Curriculum

10 Tips To Help Sell Last Year’s Homeschool Curriculum

The end of the year is approaching fast! This means finishing up your homeschool curriculum or declaring curriculum bankruptcy! So what happens when you’re done with your curriculum? You can sell it of course- unless you plan on using it for a sibling.

There are a number of great places to sell your old curriculum
Amazon, Facebook, message board forums Ebay, at a yard sale or you could even trade with other homeschool families locally. One of my favorite places to sell old curriculum has been on facebook. Here are some tips to get you started on selling!

1. Take a great photo!

Your photo should be of the curriculum, without too much in the background. It wouldn’t hurt to place it on a white tablecloth or posterboard. Make sure your photo is in focus. Make sure you photo is not taken from a distance, not is it cropping parts of the curriculum out.

2. Include the details!

What are you including in the curriculum? Are you including a teaching manual? Does it come with manipulates, or a DVD? Include a brief but detailed description of what they are going to receive.

3. What condition is it in?

Mention things like water damage, torn pages, highlighting, missing pages, underlining. If you list something in good condition and the buyer doesn’t agree, you may find yourself with a PayPal dispute.

4. Know the terms of sales pages!

Here are a few:
PP: Postage Paid,
MM: Media Mail
Pending: Invoice sent but not paid (if interested in one of these you can say “next” in the comments in case the deal falls through!)
ISO: In search of
WTB: Wanted to Buy
NIB: New in Box
NBO: Never Been Opened

4. Always use PayPal…

This is the safest way to protect your purchase. Don’t fall victim to a scam. Paypal safeguards your credit card information.

5. ..And Create an Invoice!

When you sell an item always send an invoice. If someone asks you to send money through the “friends and family” option politely decline. You aren’t able to protect yourself as a buyer or seller unless you are using an invoice. Always protect yourself with PayPal!

6. Answer questions. 

Be polite and prompt with your responses to questions. You may have to field a few questions to make your sale. People are putting their hard earned money on the line, please answer their questions courteously.

7. Know what your item weighs! 

If you weigh your item beforehand it will be easy to know how much to include in shipping costs or if you aren’t including shipping in your price, then getting a buyer an estimate will be so much easier. 

8. Find an Active Facebook Resale Group.

Selling can be easier on an active facebook group. One that doesn’t see a ton of traffic may not get that much attention, one with many participants can lead to quicker sales.

9. Be aware of location!

Is this a local or national facebook sales group? A national sales group is great for posting books, DVDs, and small manipulatives. Selling desks or chalkboards is a lot more difficult on a national sales group. If you decided you want to try selling something bulky on a national sales group be aware of shipping costs you might incur with such an item.

10. Never accept trades!

Someone might try to offer you a trade for your item but accepting such a deal is a great way to gets scammed. Never accept trades over a facebook group. Once again you have no protection on this transaction like you would through a third party like Paypal. 

Do you have any tips for selling old curriculum? I would love to hear them! Leave a comment below!


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