How to Create Your Own Printables

Creating your own printable to use for homeschooling is relatively easy. I like that I can fine tune my own printables in order to work specifically for Boober’s unique needs or interests. For instance, he has become OBSESSED with Mario for some reason, so we made a Mario printable for math.

The program I will be using to demonstrate how to make your own printable is Ribbet. There is another program called PicMonkey that you can use as well, but Ribbet navigates a lot better in my humble opinion. To start open Ribbet’s homepage and go to the Blank Canvas part of the page.

Click the drop down menu where it says custom and then select the size you want for your project. I use 3×5 for flash cards for example or 4×6 for clip cards, and so on. Then when you have selected your size project you can select a background color or leave it transparent. I usually leave mine white to save on ink. Select OK.
Now you’re ready to start creating your printable. You should have a blank square or rectangle on the screen in front of you. To start creating, you will want to add your text or a frame.
I usually don’t add frames to save ink as well. I start by selecting the text button on the top of the page and adding my text. Then when I am satisfied with my text I add “Stickers” these are the graphics that you will need to create your printable. There are many different graphics available through Ribbet.
Once you have designed a basic printable, and you are satisfied with the way it looks…
You then go to the top of your screen again and click on the gear icon at the top. A drop down menu will appear, select combine everything to lock your stickers and text into place.
Then you just save your creation and you’re ready to print and start a lesson! There is a save button on the top of the page beside your edit button. After a bit of playing around on Ribbet, you can easily get the hang of it.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I think custom made printables are a fantastic way to teach your child. Boober  will literally stand at the printer waiting for his custom creations when I tell him there is a new printable for him! Have fun creating.
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