Today for the Schoolhouse Review Crew I’m reviewing MaxScholar a Reading Intervention Program. for this program, we use the MaxScholar K-2 for my son.

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
For this program, we primarily focused on the max phonics part of the next scholar reading Intervention Program. My son has struggled with reading and I thought this program would do well for him.

The Maxscholar program takes a multi-sensory approach to teaching. It integrates games, videos, songs and tactile approaches to teaching reading. MaxScholar is intended for children ages 3 to 16 and has two different programs MaxScholar K-2 and MaxScholar Guru.

What I really love about this program is that can be used on the computer or tablet. I find this especially useful because most of the time we are using the tablet.  I use my computer for work and try not to put anything not related to my blog on it. The more we can use the tablet, for me, is all the better. I loved that MaxScholar was tablet friendly.


The program itself is relatively easy for a child to navigate on their own.  there are some areas that aren’t as easy for them to navigate and you might find it useful to be nearby however the majority of the program is fairly user-friendly.

My son seemed engaged by the program for the majority of the time.  He is a bit of a hands-on learner so the parts that he enjoyed most were there tactile learning activities.  those parts of the program aren’t necessarily at the beginning so it takes a little bit for the child to reach those portions of the program.  you’ll notice you can skip ahead and it’s easy to work quickly through the program or to go slowly and at your own pace.  you certainly have full control of how you work your way through the program and you don’t feel like you’re rushed, nor do you feel like you’re held back.


I would definitely recommend this program for someone who it who is looking for assistance with reading intervention. although my daughter was engaged by this program as well I will caution anyone with a three-year-old to consider strongly what your 3-year-old is capable of.  

Another reason that I might not have purchased this program if it was for my daughter is because it is a little overwhelming as far as sensory overload. My daughter tends to  be overwhelmed by things that are too noisy or too colorful and I think this program might have been a little overwhelming for her.  My son, on the other hand, did just fine with it.

MaxScholar has been kind enough to provided videos of the content of their services so you can get a feel for  what they have to offer.  I have included these videos below.


MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
Beyond that you can read more reviews from the rest of the crew and don’t forget to check out MaxScholar  on their social media channel:

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