6 Simple Projects to Enhance Any Unit Study

I am not a crafty momma. Pinterest makes me sad, I wish I could do half of the amazing things I find myself compelled to pin. I have learned though that is just not who I am and there is no changing it. I have embraced a few simple project that can be customized to different unit studies and can help my little guy remember what we are studying. I still attempt to tackle a pin-project here or there though.

Six simple projects to enhance any unit study for a hands on learner and a non-crafty mom!

Simple Dioramas- We use shoe boxes or other small boxes to create simple dioramas to go with our unit studies. We use construction paper, small dollar store toys, play dough or kinetic sand, the options are endless.

Mobiles- We made an amazing mobile for or study of the solar system. We printed out pictures of the planets, laminated them and then strung them from a clothing hanger we attached a picture of the sun to. It was so fun to teach my little guy how to tie the strings to the hanger as well.

Simple Lapbooks- We love lapbooks. We use one manila folder at this point and glue and paste our lapbook parts in. I am usually in charge of the cutting, and my little guy does the pasting.

Virtual Field Trips/ Journaling: We use virtual field trips in unison with a simple journal we keep. When we finish our virtual field trip (we just had a virtual field trip to the Hawaiian islands last week) I ask my little guy to summarize his trip, usually two to four sentences. Then I write down his response in a notebook. We write down where we went, the date, the summary and then I have him “sign” his name.

Coloring Pages- I love to google coloring pages on the various topics of our unit studies. What could be more fun then a coloring page? My little guy loves to color so this makes perfect sense.

Simple play dough trays- I got this fantastic idea from a blog. I grab as many items as I can find to go with our unit and place them in a bin, then I add coordinating colored play dough. For our unit study on volcanoes I placed red and brown play dough, trees and dinosaurs in the bin. Then I let my little guy build a volcano with the play dough, and plant trees and dinos around the volcano. So fun!



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