Weekly Lesson Outline: Volcano Unit Study

This week we will be doing a Volcano Unit Study. We will be learning all about lava, the earth’s crust and core, plate tectonics and more! My lesson guides are always planned for both my tot, and preschooler so you can follow along with the lesson plan that suits your needs best. The Volcano theme is for both Boober (my son, the preschooler) and Mokey (my daughter, the tot).

Both Boober and Mokey will be doing the following things together:

Eating/Drinking these snacks: A Hard Boiled Egg for breakfast, enjoy oranges as a snack, Enjoying crusty homemade bread spread with red pepper hummus to look like lava!

These activities:

Volcano Coloring pages
Making a model of a volcano

Diving into these free or cheap kindle books together:


Watching these shows or movies on Netflix together: Magic School Bus: Season 2 Episode 201; Bill Nye: Season 1 Episode 2

Tell these Circle Time Jokes

A volcano is a mountain with  a really bad case of hiccups!

Q: What did the Momma volcano say to the baby volcano?
A: I Lava You!

For the Tot:

Language Arts: Letter V

Weekly Color: Orange

Math: Counting: Working our way up to five!

For the Preschooler:

Math: Skip Counting by 10’s- Repetition 🙂

Science: Volcano model using playdough

Language Arts: Letter Review  Q-T

All together as a family: For our weekly theme wrap up we will pop some popcorn and sit down a watch Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

To create a Volcano Model:

You will need:

  • two very small paper cups
  • Brown playdough
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Red food coloring

What to Do:

  1. Fill one small plastic cup with baking soda
  2. Fill the other small plastic vinegar and a drop or two of food coloring
  3. Mold the brown playdough around the cup filled with baking soda to form a volcano (be sure to leave a hole for the lava to erupt, and for the vinegar to reach the baking soda inside)
  4. Pour the vinegar into the center of your volcano to create your lava.
  5. The volcano works by chemical reaction from the vinegar and baking soda! If you want you can add more baking soda and vinegar and create another eruption.

Printable packs used for the Tot and Preschool are from 1+1+1=1:

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