Where To Sell Printables

Where To Sell Printables



The ultimate product.


Make it one time and sell it over and over.  


Digital printables are arguably the best sort of printable to sell.


Today I’m going to talk about physical printables. Specifically how I made $1,200 in one weekend with printables and how you can too.

How To Make Money Selling Printables| Where to sell printables online to make a living working from home. These are some great ideas on where you can get started selling your printable products.

Create Your Product

To make money you need to have a product to sell. Printables are my favorite product to sell because you make them one time and you can sell them over and over. 

For instance I created home decor printables to sell on this occasion. I only spent an hour creating the printable and I was done. The only additional time I spent working on these printables was getting them printed and shipping them.

I created my printables with a program on my computer. There are programs like canva that allow you to create beautiful printables without subscriptions like Adobe. 

The only thing you need to create printables is a good eye for graphic design. You need to understand font pairing and spacing. You need to be able to pick colors that work together well. Finally you need to make your design cohesive as a whole.

How To Work From Home Selling Printables | Where to Sell Printables When You Don't Have An Established Audience.

Find An Audience

 Knowing where to find your customers is also essential. The best place to go is where your customers already shop. This may be Pinterest or even Facebook. You need to find a way to bring customers to your product.

 There are online sale sites like jane.com and zulily.com too. On this particular weekend I was selling my printables through an online sales company called Eleventh Avenue (I strongly DO NOT recommend them anymore-another story for another day).

 Working with a deal site company like this allows you to connect with their audience to showcase your product. Working with a company also requires you to mark down your product and share a portion of the sales with the company. The benefit would be to get in front of a new audience and to make a profit in a small amount of time- in my case one weekend.

Each one of these companies has their own set of rules. Each one also requires an application to become a seller so I won’t walk you through the process of selling because each one will be different.

 If deal sites interest you I recommend you apply to multiple sites. At any given time a deal site may not be accepting new sellers so it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Setting yourself up for success

When creating printables you want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. Find a good way to host your printables. You have options like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud.

 You also have multiple options for hosting your store. You want to carefully consider if you will be hosting on a site like Etsy or on your own self hosted site.

Selling on a self-hosted site like WordPress allows you control over your business. You have no listing fees but you may have fees for things like obviously hosting and you may find that you need to buy a theme.

I personally started out hosting my listings on Etsy and selling on 11th Avenue. I also created printables for other bloggers to keep a consistent income. 

As I grew in my business I needed more. I began hosting my products on my website. As I continued to grow, I began to teach how to create printables and stopped creating them myself.

 As your business grows you’ll find yourself making changes to reflect your needs. I hope that you find this guide useful in getting started. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out my course on creating printables. It’s a quick and easy way to get started with growing an online business. Digital products are a great way to make money while staying home with your kids.

Now lets break down all the places we can sell online:

  • Etsy
  • Personal Website
  • Virtual Assistant Groups 
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Group Deal Sites * (requires you to print and ship)ou

Want To Learn To Create Printables?

Check out my course on creating Printables right here: DIY Printables Workshop

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