Simple Tips for Maintaining a Garden

Simple Tips for Maintaining a Garden

Simple Tips for New Gardeners

Gardening is something which is new to many of us when we reach adulthood. The moment we get the keys to our first home, we suddenly have a whole outdoor space to maintain with no idea of what is a weed and what isn’t. That’s why I wanted to share a few nuggets of wisdom today and talk about some of the ways that you can really make a change to your garden for the better and maintain a lovely outdoor space all year long.

Today we will share some of our simple garden maintenance tips to help convince everyone that you have green fingers this year.

Pot it up 

If you are worried about the prospect of filling your plant beds with flowers this year, you might want to choose an easier option instead. This is why potting a large plant or an arrangement of flowers can be a wonderful way for you to gain some real color and texture without worrying too much about the maintenance. Things such as Acers and Hydrangeas can work very well in a pot and they can be something which will brighten up the space easily. 

Trim the trees 

It is important if you want to maintain a healthy garden this year that you trim your trees and keep them looking tidy all year long. This is why trimming trees can be a great way for you to maintain a sense of order in the garden and make sure that things don’t become overgrown.

Mow the lawn 

The easiest way to keep the garden always looking tidy is to mow the lawn and make sure that it is tidy all summer long. The grass in the garden can grow pretty quickly in the summer and this is why it is important for you to mow it every couple of weeks to allow it to stay looking thick, lush, and healthy. 

Add color 

Colour can make or break a garden and it is something which will make a huge impact on the space. To make your outdoor space really pop, having some stunning bright colors in the garden can be a treat like no other. You can add a whole array of colors in the garden and it will make the space feel alive and organic. 


To maintain a healthy and happy garden there is one supply which you need an abundance of all year long: water. Water is incredibly important for the garden and if you want your plants to grow tall and strong you will need to water them a lot in the summer. This is why rainwater tanks can be a great idea because you can collect water from the atmosphere every time it rains and create a supply for the garden which doesn’t involve you using the hosepipe. 

Attract animals

Animals can be a great way to bring life into the garden and also make the garden tidier. Bring bird feeders and baths into the space will help to attract birds who will use plants and twigs for nesting and will also control the bug population in the garden!

Simple Tips For New Gardeners

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