Homeschool Summer Activities

The summer is a great time to learn as it provides new opportunities to get outside and enjoy the good weather. While you might be following a curriculum throughout term time, the summer months provide ample opportunity to learn different things. 

While active kids may struggle to learn and concentrate in the classroom, the summer presents new ways to learn and burn off some of their energy as they do so. Broadening your teaching methods to incorporate more outside time is likely to really help them. Consider this bonus time for your kids – they can learn and play without the pressure of keeping up with a particular schedule.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are great for all kinds of reasons. They give your child a chance to discover their independence, make new friends and have fun but they also give you a bit of time to yourself. All teachers need breaks, including you! 

If you are keen for your kids to continue learning through the summer, a stem summer program could be really beneficial. Since we can’t all be experts in every field, choosing a camp to complement your own teaching abilities is always a good idea. There are all kinds of different summer camps around so do a bit of research to find the best option for your kids. 

New Learning Opportunities

The school curriculum can be quite limiting, especially when you consider all the things you could be studying! The summer months are a great opportunity to do some extracurricular activities and work on a project together. And, while the weather is fine, it’s a good idea to get outside. 

One idea could be to get out into the garden and learn how to grow and care for plants. This is an important skill all children should learn and anything from identifying edible plants in the wild to cultivating your own veggie patch can be really useful in later life. Plus, there are plenty of garden lesson plans available online. 

Have Fun

The long summer should always be seen as a chance to have some fun. All kids need some time out of their usual schedule to recharge their batteries and come back to school feeling re-energized. And, let’s be honest, you need to take some time to relax too.

There are lots of cheap summer activities you can do as a family and get the rest of your neighborhood involved too. From having a picnic together to going on long walks, water fights to craft afternoons, there is plenty to fill the summer with fun. And, to be honest, just letting your kids decide on their own activity is a good idea too – less effort for you and more responsibility for them. 

A long summer is a great chance to do different things with your kids and offer them a chance to direct their own learning too. You don’t have to spend a lot or do something totally different each day, just allow yourself a little more flexibility to play with.