Tips for How To Improve Focus for Homeschoolers

Tips to Improve Your Childs Ability To Focus

Homeschooling your children is tough because you’re taking on a workload that would normally be handled by multiple teachers at a traditional school. It’s up to you to create an entire lesson plan and make sure that they stay engaged enough to learn effectively.

Sometimes, you might find that your child is struggling to concentrate and they just aren’t taking anything in during lessons. It’s normal for this to happen occasionally and all children have bad days when they just can’t focus. But if you find that it’s becoming a regular occurrence, that is a cause for concern and you need to do something about it. There are a lot of different reasons why your child might have trouble concentrating. If you can’t get them to focus, it might be down to one of these things.

They Don’t Feel Challenged

This is probably the most common reason that a child will lack focus during lessons. If they find all of the work very easy, they’ll quickly become bored and that’s when their engagement levels will drop. When you’re creating a curriculum, it’s important that you don’t make it too difficult because it needs to be accessible and if the work is too hard, your child will feel overwhelmed and they won’t learn effectively.

However, it’s equally important that you don’t make it too easy because they will just get bored. Good communication is important so make sure that you’re asking them how they find the work and whether it is too easy or hard for them and then adjust your curriculum accordingly. If things are too simple for them, you might find that they’re a lot more engaged if you up the difficulty level a little bit.

Vision Problems

This one is less common but it can be a problem and children don’t often realize that they’re struggling because of vision problems. If they are having trouble seeing the board or their work properly, it can be hard to follow lessons and they may also experience headaches.

If you notice that they aren’t following things very well, ask if they’ve noticed a difference in their vision and take them for an eye test. You can get cheap contact lenses and glasses online easily so it’s a quick fix if they do have vision problems. It’s best to catch it early as well because it will help to prevent further damage.   

Too Many Distractions

Setting up the right learning environment for your child is vital when you’re homeschooling. If they aren’t very focused, it may be that there are a lot of distractions around them that are drawing their attention. You need to make sure that your homeschooling area is quiet and you’re away from any toys and things that might distract them.

Learning Difficulties

If you’ve tried everything but your child is still having a hard time, it might be the case that they have a mild learning disability of some kind. In some cases, parents don’t always notice these things right away so it could be worth speaking to your doctor and having them checked.

Usually, there is a specific reason for a child’s lack of focus which means that there is also a solution. If you deal with the problem now, it will be easier for them to learn in the future.