Is Elite Blog Academy Worth The Money?

Is Elite Blog Academy Worth The Money?

What results did Elite Blog Academy bring for me? 

The first question I am sure you have is: “Did it pay off to take Elite Blog Academy?” I won’t make you wait for the answer- I have definitely earned my money back.

Elite Blog Academy Review

A Brief Look At My EBA Journey

I took EBA in 2016. At the time I was making money blogging but it was inconsistent and it was never more than a few hundred dollars. When I first began EBA I was blogging with a full time job and a newborn. It wasn’t the right time to take the course so I really didn’t have focus during EBA 2.0 in 2016.


EBA 3.0 launched in 2017 and I thought it would be the perfect time to go back and hit it hard. I started all over again and that’s when things really started to pick up for my blog. At first I was making $800 a month then in April I broke the $1000 mark. By June I had a $9000 month thanks to my first product launch!

Do I recommend EBA for everyone?

No. There are a few reasons why I don’t recommend EBA for everyone. It’s a great course to learn the basics of blogging. It’s a powerful launchpad to get you started and working to a full-time income within your first year. It is not worth it however if you fall into one of these two particular categories.

It will cause you great financial strain

If you are working with a tight budget to begin with, you can certainly save up over time and purchase Elite Blog Academy later on. If you are already blogging I would suggest you reinvest in yourself and your business. I reinvested for the first year and didn’t take home any pay until two years later. Now I can work from home full time. 




The secret is blogging isn’t the career, it’s the content that drives readers to your products and services. Sure bloggers make money through advertising, affiliates, and sponsorship deals with companies but your building a business not just a blog. Starting a business usually requires some sort of initial investment and fortunately you can start with your time, a little money and some of EBA’s wonderful freebies.

If you can’t afford EBA right now, I suggest you use these freebies, build your blog and reinvest your earnings into EBA in the future. 

You are not going to put in the work

The other reason I say you should pass on EBA is if you know deep down in your heart you are going to either not put forth the work, or you will give up when it gets hard. Blogging isn’t an easy business! You have to learn to manage yourself and your time. You don’t have a boss- you ARE the boss. 


I have seen many people come and go in the blogging world. There was a statistic I saw somewhere along the lines of 95% of blogs are abandoned after 6 months. Let me tell you, it’s not a get rich quick type of business. If you are looking for a get rich quick, no work type of business, don’t bother investing in EBA.

Here is a better look at the photo shown above.

This shows how much my income really started to increase with EBA. Can you see when I started hitting the monetization units? This shows only part of my August income as well. It turned out much like June thanks to an affiliate I recommended to my email subscribers.

One thing you’ll notice I am showing that many other bloggers may not is expense. Blogging comes with expenses and I find generally the expenses are about equal to the income if you want to grow quick. I spent on facebook ads, my email service provider and tools like Tailwind. At this point I would say my expenses are around 35% of what my income is now. That’s because many of those things are one time expenses or yearly expenses- like Tailwind for example. I started investing in those tools before I started taking a paycheck. 

Elite Blog Academy Review

Who should invest in EBA?

The person who wants it, I mean REALLY WANTS IT! If you are the type of person who wants to create your dream career, build your own business and help others this is worth every penny. EBA was the changing point for my blog. It enabled me to take my family on vacations, to remodel rooms in our home and finally to become a stay at home mom. 

If you know you will put forth the effort to not only learn, but to follow through with each lesson you will succeed with this course. EBA is a foundational guide for a long lasting sustainable business. Ruth has transformed Living Well Spending Less into a business that employees many people. She has many successful students, including myself.

All of that being said this course is not for everyone and I suggest you really research it before taking the plunge. It’s been a huge benefit to me, even as a somewhat seasoned hobby blogger. If your considering it at all, there are many freebies offered by Elite Blog Academy, try a few out and see if they help you and suit your style of learning. It’s a great no-commitment way to test EBA. 

Not sure yet? Try these free guides to get started without investing hundreds of dollars.

Here is a list of all the freebies offered by Elite Blog Academy. If you are brand new to blogging this is the order I would recommend you sign up for them in.

  1. Small Business Start-Up Cost Guide
  2. How to set up your WordPress Blog or
  3. Squarespace Made Simple
  4. The EBA Blog Structure Blueprint
  5. Build Your Blog Bootcamp
  6. 11 Ways To Boost Your Blog Reach Overnight
  7. Branding Your Blog
  8. How To Write With FOCUS
  9. 7 Genius Time Hacks For Bloggers
  10. 7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Blog Income Overnight
  11. 120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas
  12. Don’t forget to follow the EBA Blog

How I Finally Went Full Time With My Blog | How I finally had that 5 figure month I had always been dreaming of and the exact steps it took to get me there. Full Elite Blog Academy Review.
How I Finally Went Full Time With My Blog | How I finally had that 5 figure month I had always been dreaming of and the exact steps it took to get me there. Full Elite Blog Academy Review.
How I Finally Went Full Time With My Blog | How I finally had that 5 figure month I had always been dreaming of and the exact steps it took to get me there. Full Elite Blog Academy Review.

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