March 2016 Income Report

This is my first income report and I am so excited to share it with you. I know a lot of you are wondering what my income looks like, and where it comes from. Today I am breaking it all down for you. This month looks a little different because I am working on launching my e-course full-scale. I have been piecing together my email sales funnel and marketing plans. I have not done a lot of graphics work, which is my primary source of revenue.

Income report for the month of April

We also had some health issues in my house recently which led to me scaling back on the number of graphic design work I was able to do. I found myself scrambling the last three weeks to keep up with it all. Long story short, I have been given a lot of grace by my clients and I have worked extra hard for their patience. Next month may prove to be a smaller income as well. Another hard truth about making money as a blogger is I won’t see at least half this money for another 2 months!

Gross Income: $3090.68

Graphic Design Work: $2170

The Momtrepreneur Workshop:  $582

Advertising: $238

Affiliate Income: $94

Product Sales: $6.68

Total Expenses (Email, Stock photography, Virtual Assistant etc.): $723

About that Income

So here you can see my graphic design income for this month only came to $2170. I had two deals on Eleventh Ave/Groopdealz but the greatest income was client work. I love working with people to design some of the awesome printables you see from some of your favorite bloggers. These girls have some great ideas!

My eCourse:

The Momtrepreneur Workshop had a soft launch this month. I had worked on marketing but I just wasn’t happy with my knowledge of the Facebook Power Editor to go full throttle with it yet. I also wasn’t happy with my email service and the way they did sales funnels so I switched to Convert Kit. My soft launch brought in $582 in sales from organic traffic via Pinterest. I am getting ready to hit go on my sales funnel this week.


Advertising came from two places. I have The Blogger Network run the ads on my blog. I made $38 on ad impressions. I really need to start seriously evaluating the advertising income on my blog, but since this isn’t a priority I have it on the back burner for now.

The other place my ad income came from was through an e-blast I sent to my readers. An e-blast is basically an email you are paid to send. This one made total sense to send to my readers, it was about a preschool handwriting curriculum. It had a 95% open rate. I hope to work with the company again soon.


This came from Amazon, Swagbucks, and Ibotta. I am really looking to increase my affiliate income. I know this is a great form of passive income that I just don’t use enough.

Product Sales:

All from Etsy. I left DPD and am switching over to Woocommerce very, very slowly. I have several items that need to be uploaded but haven’t. This was a terrible month for product sales due to this very reason.

Next Month’s Goals

I hit launch on my eCourse, I have another amazing eCourse in the works specifically for homeschool moms. I am so excited to launch that one! The ultimate homeschool bundle will also be for sale! I am hoping to bring home a good affiliate income from that. I have a few other projects I have been slowly working on that aren’t priority because I need to focus on finishing one thing at a time.

My biggest priority this month is working through some new blogger education. I haven’t taken any new clients for graphics work yet. I am pressing play on my launch sequence and hoping that income takes me through the next month!


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  1. Hi Holly!
    I recently started your printable course and I’m loving it!
    I am wondering how to submit the challenges and join the Facebook Group. I can’t seem to find the links anywhere…
    Appreciate the help!