Grab Green Review: Natural Cleaning Supplies for the Eco-conscious Family

When it comes to my family I try to use products that I know are safe and gentle on their skin. Finding good quality products that don’t irritate my children’s skin can be very hard. I was recently given the opportunity to review Grab Green, an eco-friendly, all natural company through They sell cleaning products, including laundry detergent and dish soap.

They sent me a box of cleaning supplies, which included 3 varieties of laundry detergent, a bleach alternative and dish detergent pods for the dishwasher. I love that they offer a full line of eco-friendly, toxin-free formulas that truly do clean. The laundry room through the kitchen, Grab Green products have you covered.

All of their products are free of ammonia, harsh dyes, formaldehyde, chlorine or other brighteners, phosphate, and harsh solvents. These are the types of things that react to both my boys’ skin. They can not tolerate just any laundry detergent and I have had several “all natural” detergents that still caused bright red itchy patches to emerge on their skin.

Due to those previous experiences, I am always a bit skeptical trying a new detergent out. At the time, I was contacted to do the review I was making my own detergent for the boys. The only problem was it takes time to make and some of the ingredients are hard to track down in our area. I was hoping that Grab Green would like up to its promise, and it did!

The true test is my husband’s clothing. He wears jeans and t-shirts as he works on all kinds of machinery at his work. He has grease and sweat all over his clothing by the time it hits my laundry basket. I wondered if Grab Green would be able to cut through all the grime.

Grab Green Haul!

When everything was all washed, all the clothing was clean, smelled amazing and it really cleaned up well. My boys were not irritated by the detergent and they didn’t even notice the switch. I was pleased with both the laundry detergent and the dishwashing pods. They really did work just as well as the big name brands, but without all the harsh chemicals.
I am excited to see Grab Green in Target and online at Amazon. I still have some of my sample supply left but I plan on buying more as soon as I run out. I am so glad to help support this amazing company! I’d like to thank Green Moms Meet again for this awesome opportunity. 


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