Summer Learning Activities

Summer Learning Activities and Ideas

Summer is a great time to instill a love of learning in children. There are so many great summer learning activities that can help develop that love.


Summer Learning Activities and Ideas

If you want to keep your child’s education going without them even realizing, here are summer learning activities that will keep your child learning this summer! The good news is these are so fun that he or she won’t even realize that they are learning something new or practicing a skill. Let’s take a closer look.

Here Are Five Fun Summer Learning Activities and Ideas for Kids

1. Visit Fun Museums

There are so many fun museums for kids. If you’re planning a vacation, choose a location that has a few close by. If you’re lucky, you may have a children’s museum within driving distance. It’s important to choose a children’s museum because there are interactive exhibits that allow kids to get a hands-on experience. These museums are also designed to be fun for kids. If you are headed to a city, check to see if there is a City Pass available. City Passes offer great discounts for visiting several museums during your trip.

2. Play Board Games

Board games are a very subtle way for kids to practice skills. For example, it might be practicing spelling skills with Scrabble Junior or learning colors with Candy Land. Most kids’ games teach at least one skill. Even Don’t Break the Ice teaches kids strategy skills. Hit your local thrift store and load up on fun games for your child to play this summer.

3. Download Fun Games and Apps

It’s great to have games and apps on your tablet or have a cheap tablet for your kids to play on. This is great for when you’re at an appointment and want to keep your kids busy. There are even apps that will track your child’s progress. Choose games and apps that feel more like fun for kids than work. For example, choose learning apps and games that feature his or her favorite characters. (Insider tip for Amazon Prime users, yet another perk is ad-free apps for kids!

4. Go to the Library

Libraries can be really fun places for kids. A good library will have a fun section for kids. There will also be fun programs for your child to enroll in, story time, and so much more. Best of all, a library exposes your child to so many awesome books. The earlier you start taking your child to the library, the better.

5. Learn a New Hobby Together

Last, but not least, you can learn a new hobby with your child. It might be drawing, painting, cross stitch, or any number of hobbies. Hobbies are important because many either challenge the brain by getting your child to be creative or focus on concentrating, which is just as important for the brain. Take your child to the craft store and see what he’s interested in.

Summer Learning Activities

Your child doesn’t have to fall behind during summer break. There are so many activities that will subtly teach your child something new or help her practice skills. Whether it’s playing board games or learning a new hobby together, there are ways to keep kids learning this summer.

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