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Cleaning DIY Wide Plank Hardwood Floors In the Kitchen

Cleaning DIY Wide Plank Hardwood Floors In the Kitchen. Cleaning hardwood floors requires special care. I wouldn't use just any project on the DIY Wide Plank hardwood we just installed in our Kitchen. I wouldn't want to ruin the dark distressed look we carefully created. Cleaning hardwood floors is easy with this!

My husband Jason and I bought our first house about 3 years ago. We decided the smartest financial move for us would be to buy a house well below the amount we were approved for and renovate it over time to suit our families needs.

Jason is a handy guy and has already remodeled both the bedrooms and our living room to both update and suit our families needs. We also did most of what I wanted to in our homeschool room before the weather got cold. Our latest project is our kitchen/dining room.

The first part our the project was to add a dishwasher and garbage disposal. Once that was done we decided to put in some hardwood floors. My husband did this after finding this tutorial. I love that my floors were cut, stained and installed by my husband so I am extra careful about how I treat these floors. I also love that my floor cost under $200!

My first worry when he was done installing them was cleaning them. At first, I tried a few floor cleaners I did not care for. Then I tried to clean them with natural cleaners. I read tea did wonders, for hardwood. For mine, however, it left it streaky and did little to clean the floor. 

Then when received the opportunity to try Bona’s new PowerPlus product line I was glad to accept. I wanted something that would be gentle on the floor but tough on the dirt. We are a family of 5 plus a dog and cat, after all!

I was very pleased with the way Bona PowerPlus Floor Deep Cleaner took away the streaks- you can see a footprint in the glare in the before picture. I was SHOCKED though when it took away the so much dirt that it actually lightened my floor. Over time with all the traffic through our kitchen, I guess that a dark sheen had slowly been building and I hadn’t noticed!

I am really impressed by Bona’s PowerPlus line. I highly recommend it. Graciously Bona has extended a coupon offer to At Home With Holly readers. You can grab a coupon for $3 off! I highly recommend you pick up the Bona PowerPlus Floor Deep Cleaner and the Deep Clean Pad. They did an amazing job on my floors.

I also encourage my kids to participate in cleaning. I want to show them that I respect the home my husband I and have been working so hard to make our own. I want to help instill that same sense of pride and ownership in them. I actually bought them a child-sized floor mop a number of years ago when my oldest was around two. They all fight to help me clean when it comes time to use that! I strongly encourage you to have your children participate in cleaning- even if they don’t do a good job. The point is not how well they do, but the character lesson behind it!


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