This coming week we will be doing a farm theme. We will be learning about animals that live on the farm and doing fun activities related to the farm. My lesson guides are always planned for both my tot, and preschooler so you can follow along with the lesson plan that suits your needs best. The farm theme is for both Boober (my son, the preschooler) and Mokey (my daughter, the tot).

A complete outline for a farm unit study. A ton of free, valuable resources!

Both Boober and Mokey will be doing the following things together:

Eating/Drinking these snacks: Scrambled Egg breakfast wrap, farm fresh roast veggie sandwich, Milk, and pick your own berries.

These activities:

Farm Coloring pages
Going Berry Picking
Animal Sorting (see tomorrow’s post)
Visiting the Farmers Market

Diving into these free or cheap kindle books together:


Watching these shows or movies on Netflix together: Peg + Cat: Season 1 Episode 101 The Chicken Problem!; Magic School Bus: Season 3 Episode 1: In a Beehive and Season 4 Episode 2: Cracks a Yolk

Singing this Circle Time Songs together: Old MacDonald had a Farm and BINGO was his Name-o

Tell these Circle Time Jokes:

Q. Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm?
A. Because the corn has ears and the potatoes have eyes
Q. What day do potatoes hate the most?
A. Fry-day
Q. Why was the cucumber mad?
A. He was in a pickle

For the Tot:

Language Arts: Letter F

Weekly Color: Green

Math: Counting 1-3 again, repetition is very important.

For the Preschooler:

Math: Skip Counting by 10’s

Science: Stinkbug Mini Unit study packet.

Psst, Click the picture to download!

Language Arts: Letter Review  M-P

All together as a family: For our weekly theme wrap up we will pop some popcorn and sit down a watch Martha Speaks Season 1 Episode 5: Martha Down on the Farm.

Printable packs used for the Tot and Preschool are from Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs:





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