Weekly Lesson Outline: Fossil Unit Study

This week we will be doing a Fossil Unit Study. We will be learning all about fossils, how they occur different types of fossils and more. My lesson guides are always planned for both my tot, and preschooler so you can follow along with the lesson plan that suits your needs best. The Fossil theme is for both Boober (my son, the preschooler) and Mokey (my daughter, the tot).

Both Boober and Mokey will be doing the following things together:

Eating/Drinking these snacks: These Cookies,

These activities:

Making Fossils
Going on a Virtual field trip
Playing this game in which we fabricate a fossil- almost impossible!
Going on a fossil hunt in a few locations around our area

Diving into these free or cheap kindle books together:

This one which I highly recommend because you can also download a lesson plan chalk full of activities.
This was free the other week!

  and we will be using one of these guides to hunt for fossils.


Watching these shows or movies on Netflix together: Bill Nye: Season 4 Episode 19


For the Tot:

Language Arts: Letter F

Weekly Color: Brown

Math: Counting: More Counting Practice.

For the Preschooler:

Math: Skip Counting by 5’s

Science: Making fossils (see below for Fossil Lesson plan)

Language Arts: Letter Review  U-Z

All together as a family: For our weekly theme wrap up we will pop some popcorn and sit down a watch Ice Age, the original one.


Printable packs used for this Unit Study:


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