2018 Daily Planner from Homemaker’s Friend Review

With the New Year quickly approaching one of the first things we as women look for is a new planner! Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of other things on our list, but this is a fun one that a lot of us enjoy shopping for.

This year I’d like to do a series on my favorite planners. Today opens this series, where I’d like to share with you my favorite homemaking planner. This planner comes from Homemaker’s Friend and is the 2018 Daily Planner by Sue Hooley.

2018 Daily Planner

This planner features plenty of cool things including the yearly overview, monthly overview and weekly overview, shopping lists, a section for tasks, a section for ongoing projects, and much, much more. Best of all it’s incredibly affordable. I’ve seen many planners sell for upwards of $25-$55, which is a lot if you are on a budget. This planner is so very reasonably priced!

I’d like to share a view below to give you a full walkthrough of the planner so you can see all the amazing features it offers! Check it out here:

You can get a copy of your own here: Amazon or here Christian Book 

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